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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

      Schafer Autism Report creates and announces its blog: the Schafer Autism Blog. In case you don't know, Blog comes from "Binary Load of Garbage." Actually, I just made that up. Let's see if it becomes one of those net urban legends, nonetheless. How about a contest to see who can create the best backformed phrase from "blog"? Send in your written word art. Remember "blog" spelled backwards is "Glob." Sorry, I lied again. Now where was I . . .talking about anyway. . .? That's right "autism"! Oy.  Officially, blogs are website based journals. 
June 2, 2003
On the IDEA
      The rights of people, children with autism have never been
under such mendacious assault by the Federal government than now. The politically dominant Republican party must be made aware that half of the families with autism are Republicans and that our numbers are growing with no end in sight.  This political pedophilia, the selling of lawsuit protection to dirty vaccine drug companies with legislation -- and the gutting of the IDEA, all at the expense of a growing pool of very young, disabled autistic children must end now.  No such politician will profit from this, for they will have lost their soul for any small gain.
LETTER:  Just wanted to say you've been missed - and I wanted to pass along a big "thank you" for all the hard work you do in keeping this newsletter up and running.  Our lives are so busy these days that we sometimes forget to stop and thank people like yourselves who volunteer their precious time to maintain these services and we start to take them for granted - until they suddenly disappear that is! Keep up the good work!  - Ann Jessey

Schafer Autism Report Back Online

      Greetings to our readers and to those of you who have sent us yet-to-be-answered email over the last week. After a week of being out of production, the Schafer Autism Report is back online.
As a result of computer malfunctions, we have not been able to maintain our usual daily schedule.
      Briefly, both the main computer system, and the backup, used to produce the newsletter are heavily used and aging. Hardware malfunctions during an attempted upgrade to Windows XP resulted in system disaster: wiping out both systems and completely clobbering a disk volume. Fortunately, the "data" (news and email) is backed-up offline, so the only thing lost was time (loss of opinion in Microsoft products and service took another blow, if that's possible). The loss to the autism community of this "finger on the pulse" news service is deeply regretted. But we will quickly catch up, with our patched up new mother board and processor. There are roughly 2,000 emails that need "processing", but we will get to all of the ones bearing immediacy first. Fortunately, the break down came over the three day Memorial Day weekend, a typical slow news time.
      The Autism Calendar will be a few days late from our usual first-of-the-month publication date. Monday, we will have an abbreviated calendar of events to cover the activities scheduled for the first week in June. This will give us a few days to compile the entire monthly update.
      All the news from last week will be compiled and presented; nothing will have been missed.
      We have some interesting new features being reported/introduced soon having to do with parent-designed, expert reviewed autism research projects and a Worst-Scientist-of-the-Year Award - dishonored for his or her designs to stymie the efforts to stem the autism epidemic by using bad science to sow complacency, i.e., the "What autism epidemic?" miscreants. This is drawn from the same batch of experts who at the same time blubber on about the need for more autism research. "Better diagnosis" this.
Stay tuned. . .!
May 25, 2003
LETTER:  Congratulations on completing a year as the Schafer Autism Report!  It's the best thing in my Inbox.  Thank you for your tireless efforts to gather and disseminate this information.  How do you do it?
Chip Camden,  Father of Dominic, who has ASD  
ANSWER:  Oh, it's just a little something I attend to in between taking naps, getting drunk and "chasing skirts".  Just kidding.  Who has time for napping anymore?   Here's a bumpersticker response:  Editors Do It Before Each Period.
LETTER: You have been sending me regular emails for some time now and I would like to say how much we appreciate your information here in Israel.
      I run an organisation dedicated to providing balanced information about the dangers of vaccinations.  Information from your emails newsletter often finds its way into our lectures and to the Israeli public thereby.  May you be commended in playing such a positive role with so much hard work.  I assure you it is appreciated. 
      Keep up the good work and may you be blessed with the health and energy to continue.
Kindest regards,  Keith Alexander
From the Schafer Autism Report


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